What We Can Do For You
Mogan and Mogan offer a tailor-made, assured fundraising service. Our unique risk-free fundraising offer means that at end of the contracted period, if we have not generated more than our costs, a refund of the balance is given. So, there is no way that you can be out of pocket after using our consultancy or outsourcing services.
Our approach is friendly and flexible.  We can advise, support or directly undertake your fundraising function. Why not talk to us today about your funding needs.

We can help you to:


Prepare your case for support 
Your case for support is the cornerstone of any fundraising activity.  By seeing your organisation through fresh eyes, we can help create appeal template letters that clearly show the need for your work. We know how best to present your organisation and projects to significantly strengthen the likelihood of success.

Research and approach potential donors

Finding the right funders for your project is a key step for any organisation. We can support this process in searching for suitable potential funders. As our testimonials show, we are recognised for our researching skills. We can help you to find new income streams and we offer a risk-free fundraising service.

Raise money from trusts, companies, individuals, direct mail…

We have extensive experience in all areas of fundraising and will help you add to your donor pool and increase your fundraising income.  Our particular area of expertise is Charitable Trusts and Foundations and we regularly undertake "hands on" fundraising for our clients who may not have the knowledge or capacity to raise funds from trusts. Whether your need is to secure £10,000 or £100,000, we can help.

Develop a Fundraising Strategy

We can support you in developing a longer term plan for your funding and fundraising, looking at the organisation as a whole rather than just one piece of work or project.

Fundraising can easily become a never-ending process of filling in forms and developing proposals. Developing a funding strategy will help you to identify and schedule your fundraising opportunities.

Form an appeal group

We have a proven ability to help charities research and recruit appeal group members. This process is at the heart of a successful capital fundraising campaign.

Train your staff

Our testimonials include endorsements from people trained by us who now have successful fundraising careers and we can help empower and encourage your team.

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